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For a nation that spans across 3.8 million square miles, the United States offers many vacation opportunities for every type of traveler. With the Atlantic Ocean on the east and the Pacific Ocean
 on the west, with many states in between, you can decide which state best fits the USA vacation you’re looking for. When it comes to planning a vacation in the U.S., MCngine got your back
and don’t forget about Alaska and Hawaii! These are two VERY popular destinations and will not disappoint! We can help you decide which type of vacation will suit your needs. If you’re looking to learn more about our national history, many cities on the east coast, such as Washington D.C., Boston and Philadelphia are rich with the many National Monuments and Memorials, like the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial. The U.S. National Park Service is a great place to start planning your vacation to many National Parks. The Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park and Yosemite National Park. If you’re looking to spend some relaxing time on the lake during the summertime, look to the Midwest. And if you want a getaway during the long winter, there are various cities in the southern United States that never see snow, including Florida with popular attractions such as Walt Disney World Resort. With the “melting pot” of culture in the U.S., you’re sure to find diverse array of food, art, music and language in each state. The cultural differences between neighboring states, or cities, are tremendous and are what makes the U.S. such a wonderful place to vacation. You can find your new favorite place just around the corner when you stay in the U.S. We offer escorted tours of the U.S. with many sightseeing opportunities included! There are also cruises along the coast which offer exciting and unique experiences,